City planning shapes our neighbourhoods and communities. Understanding how it works as a resident or potential builder; how to be involved and have your say; or how to get a development project started requires professional support and advice.
Momentum is here to provide that understanding and work alongside our clients to achieve their goals. Whether your interests are that of a potential developer or as a community group or resident, we will provide you with the strategic advice and direction to navigate the complexities of the development approval process or have your voice heard when something concerns you.
Urban Planning


Our role in providing communication services is to coordinate the output of well written, relevant and factual information to your clients, or intended stakeholders. An informed decision is the right decision and so we approach our assignments by analyzing all facets that affect or concern the community’s lives, work or the place where they live or do business.

Community Engagement

In this day of social media, it is important to have a well rounded approach in stakeholder engagement. Clear communication practices are essential in building relationships and help shape sound decisions. Our approach is consensus based and interactive dialogue with the stakeholders is crucial.  Public consultation and engagement is integral to any planning process and critical to the success of projects in complex urban environments.

Our Clients