100th Anniversary – Re-Opening of the Museum of Nature

May 2010

After a $216 million, multi-year renovation project, the 100 year-old Canadian Museum of Nature re-opened its doors in May 2010. Never had the Museum in its past ever welcomed more than 2,300 people in one day. The 3-day re-opening celebration in May 2010 attracted more than 35,000 people. Since that time, the Museum has grown in popularity with its new exhibit spaces and special events.

Momentum Planning & Communications was retained to conceive and orchestrate this unique and diverse event, to celebrate this landmark occasion. With a parade made up of more than 1,100 performers starting from City Hall, all the way to the front entrance of the Museum, the opening party featured a host of celebrities including a blessing by Elder William Commanda, as the building resides on Algonquin Territory.

Performance by award-winning De LaSalle High School Chamber Choir

Sound, light and music by the award-winning De LaSalle High School Chamber Choir topped the first day, initiating the very first performance in the Queen’s Lantern. Festivities included films, orchestras, dance, activities for young and old all under the theme of the International Year of Bio-Diversity as 2010 was its official year.

Momentum project managed this opening from start to finish. Facilitating employee and volunteer meetings and tasks; researching and contracting all performers and contractors and working with Museum Staff in all areas and aspects within the building’s rooms, cafeteria and exhibits.

Video by Chuck Clark

Time-lapse video outside the Canadian Museum of Nature showing the crowd at the parade and opening ceremony, the surge of people into the building, and the traffic of the day’s record-breaking 20 343 visitors. May 22, 2010.

Marie-Claude Valiquet, Stage Manager for Opening Ceremonies