225 Wilbrod Street – Manor Park Management

2014 – completed Spring 2017

Applications Required: Site Plan Control and Minor Variance

The proposed development is a minor addition of four residential units to the Wilbrod side of the existing apartment building located at the corner of King Edward Avenue and Wilbrod Street. It required the removal of a swimming pool and concrete fencing that surrounded it. A new roof top amenity area has been designed to replace the amenity area where the swimming pool was located.

The four units will be two storeys in height above grade and have a full basement level. The kitchen and dining areas will be at grade with one bedroom on the second level with an ensuite bathroom. A second bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and direct access to a sheltered terrace area is located in the basement level. Each unit will have direct front door access to the street which is in keeping with adjacent residential properties.

Rendering – 225 Wilbrod Street, looking west towards King Edward

Rendering – 225 Wilbrod Street, looking east down Wilbrod