Wateridge Village – A Community Design and Secondary Plan for the former Rockcliffe Airbase  2012-2014

Public and Stakeholder Engagement, Communications and Facilitation Consultant

Project Size: 131 hectares (310 acres)

Canada Lands Company acquired the former Rockcliffe Airbase and in 2012 launched a Community Design Plan and Secondary Plan with the goal of redeveloping this 131 hectares or 310 acres area of land.
The challenge with this project was that the redevelopment of these lands would have considerable impact on 12 neighbouring communities along with significant bordering employers and institutions, such as the Montfort Hospital and the National Research Council. In addition, an outstanding Algonquin land claim and involvement needed to be addressed.
To address these challenges, Momentum Planning and Communications initiated a robust and interactive community and stakeholder engagement process resulting in no objections to the planning approvals from the City of Ottawa or residents, and full support from the Algonquins. The design approach was based on a nature first philosophy and sought to use innovative green technologies to service the community along with a transportation model that focused on pedestrian, cycling and transit as a first priority.

Public Advisory Group review of CDP alternatives

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CLC – Canada Lands Company Public Meeting. Facilitator: Dennis Jacobs

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