Development Planning and Project Management

Momentum Planning and Communications has a broad range of expertise in a full range of development projects and services, ranging from a small residential infill to mixed-use multi-storey projects. We work from the ground up to provide advice and direction on the appropriate development to suit the site context. We pride ourselves in our familiarity with every stage of the development process, and for all forms and types of development. Our exceptional experience allows us to provide solutions which are reliable and effective.
Momentum is often retained by clients to guide development proposals through the planning process to achieve development goals and approvals. This often includes the preparation of site plans and concept plans, as well as consultation and coordination with public authorities and outside consultants in complementary disciplines. Our responsibilities with many of these projects include representation to committees and councils.

263 Greensway Avenue – Manor Park Management

Private Sector

Fairmont Château Laurier Hotel Addition

Private Sector

291-293 Lyon Street – Carmen and Nicolini Scafiddi-Argentina

Private Sector

1100 Canadian Shield Drive – Bayview Hospitality Inc.

Private Sector

2735 Iris Street – Manor Park Management

Private Sector

400 Albert Street – Manor Park Management

Private Sector

1161 Heron Road – Manor Park Management

Private Sector

3605 Paul Anka Drive – Manor Park Management

Private Sector

Policy Planning

Momentum provides expertise in the preparation of long-range policy, applying extensive experience and resources to provide effective and independent advice to municipalities and government agencies. Our process includes an effective consultative approach to ensure consensus building among the wide variety of stakeholders, providing an appropriate long-range vision for the future development of the municipality.
Momentum’s extensive experience in the planning and development of various land uses, along with its familiarity with the evolving planning policy framework in municipalities in the Ottawa area, enable us to translate key issues into clearly understood and concise policy language and strategic advice. Depending on the complexity of the assignment, Momentum may work individually or as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

City of Ottawa

  • Neighbourhood Planning Review
  • Infill Parking Study

Town of Arnprior

Government of Canada – Energy Mines and Resources

  • Introduction of Climate Change Considerations into Municipal Development Approval Process

Ontario Municipal Board – Advice & Expert Testimony

Momentum has earned a strong reputation for preparing and giving expert testimony concerning assignments of all types and sizes. Our returning clientèle and constant referrals attest to this. We have often represented clients in both the public and private sectors, providing expert land use planning testimony before the OMB. However, we are most in demand among community groups and residents who seek us out to provide strategic advice on development in their neighbourhood. Prior to accepting an assignment, Momentum must assess the request to ensure we can support land use planning merit underlying the issues in the case.  We are also careful to ensure that the strictest level of professional ethics and conduct has been observed.

In the news…


"Thank you again for all your work on 335 Roosevelt. I think if you had not been encouraging at the very start I am not sure we would have gone ahead. Or at least we would not have gone ahead in the scale we did... So a huge thank you!"

Gay StinsonWestboro Citizens for Appropriate Development, 335 Roosevelt

Residents – Gay Stinson

  • 335 Roosevelt Avenue

City of Ottawa

  • 19 Bachman Drive
  • 67-71 Marquette Avenue

City of Kingston

  • Student housing project

Action Sandy Hill

  • Laurier/Friel student housing

Preston Business Improvement Area

  • Preston Street appeal re Secondary Plan

Dalhousie Community Association

  • 105 Norman Street

Centretown Citizens (CCOC)

  • Centretown Secondary Plan appeal

Community Associations Advice and Consultation

Momentum is keenly aware of the impacts of development and change on residents and neighbourhoods and has built a strong reputation for representing and giving voice to these groups at City Hall and at the OMB. Our returning clientèle and constant referrals attest to this.  Through direct representation or simply providing strategic advice or informative presentations, Momentum prides itself on assisting the community in understanding the planning process and enabling effective input into the development approvals process to ensure positive outcomes.

Action Sandy Hill

  • Range Road high-rise by Homestead

Beaverbrook Community Association

  • 2 The Driveway
  • 100 Varley
  • Teron Road

Centretown Citizens Community Association

  • Lisgar Street high-rise

Ann Manor Condominium

  • 68 Cooper Street